My joystick example (WORKING NICE) and easy to do

Hi guys a have made an example because i have seen a lot of people asking for a working jostick so there is mine.
I have made it the easiest i can so anybody can use it… :laughing:

There is my example project:

Hope to help you a lot with this :smiley:



This kind of “goodies” should be put as examples in Gdevelop, like the xbox 360 controller template.

Thank you very very very muuchhh :slight_smile:)) This rocks :slight_smile:)) was a nightmare for days :slight_smile:

I am happy to help :smiley:

DarkBlad = blad.perez ?? :confused: :confused:

lol i forgot, i have two accounts

there’s only images in there?

A extention for controllers is on work in progress, wait a little bit, when the extention will be done you should find in GD5 with this method :

I close this topic because 2016 is far and outdated :’)

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