My platformer animations won't display correctly

Hello !

I’m new to Gdevelop , so i don’t know how things work properly… But i’ve been watching tutorials.

Something that dosen’t seem to work however is the walking/running animation…

It only shows the first frame of the walking animation , and i don’t know why :


It’s only 2 frames long , so i don’t get how it dosen’t work , i even set it to loop in the sprite editor.

The events and object editor look like this , if this can help :

Basically , i’m a bit lost here and what to do , it would be alot of help if anyone has a solution for this ^^’

Please and thank you.

Remember: While changing animation, always add a Trigger Once condition so that it doesn’t change animation every time without giving the animation to get played.

Ohhhh. Thank you , i’ll try it ^^
Wait how do i put “Trigger Once” , i can’t seem to find it ?

I’m so sorry to sound like an idiot but how i put “Trigger Once” on my events ?
I saw that in the tutorials but i don’t know how to add it in.

Thank you in advance and sorry for my idiocy…

You put that in the condition.

Search for it in the event editor, on the condition site.
But you don’t want to use a trigger once here.
The probem is your idle and run event is true at the same time.

Do it like in the tutorial or platformer example.


Also I just noticed that your events are conflicting with each other.
oh, Jack pointed it out

That used to be an issue, but now if you set the animation to what it is already, GDevelop seems to ignore the action and keeps animating.

@Blast-Forever, what @jack means is the two conditions highlighted below are both triggered. So, the animation is changed to “idle”, and then immediately to the first frame of “run” :


Sorry for replying so late ;^;

But thank you , i did just like you told me and it worked :smiley:

Thank you so much ^^
I’m so sorry for replying so late ^^’