My player death Animation is not working when collision with enemy

How can i do it? Can anyone show me an example?

You just have to add your animation sprites to the player and then “Change the animation”.

I mean like when collision with enemy and my character will play death animation. Can you show me ? I kinda need help :frowning:

But this doesnt work for me its like bugged

post your events or the project
we have no chance to see what’s wrong in your case

here idk where i wrong it just only trigger the death animation when i jump through the enemy

Maybe because the third event on the second screenshot is also true at the same time.

How to fix it ? Can you give me some example? Please i need help

Various options …
add “not in collision with enemy” to your idle condition.
So that animation 0 and 5 are not executed at the same time.
Another option is to use varibals. e.g. so that the player can’t still run if he is in the spikes…

Can you show me some examples? I still dont understand .

Only one animation event should be valid at any point in the game, or you’ll have a conflict.
Check this out: How to handle complex logic – The finite state machine (FSM) [GDevelop wiki]

Hello there, can i ask you how can i use walk and jump at the same time? I tried yours but it doesnt work

Btw i need some examples because i am still in learning

And after i disable the default control my character react very abnormalUploading: 20200406_140714.jpg…

I gave you a link with a full explanation of how to proceed and an example project to illustrate.
If you’re asking for an example, it means you didn’t even read the page.
You have to make some efforts if you want to learn.

I tried but when i disable the default control my character very slow to react and when i enable the default control in the event they cant jump in the same time.and the page didnt guide us how to let them jump and move at the same time