My project hangs when this gets executed

It’s a problem with the repeat amounts being a changeable number.

Trigger once works the same whether it is in "For each "or not, meaning it occurs only once. This means it only happens for the first instance. Only the first instance will trigger once.

This means every other instance is repeating infinitely, so your event has an endless loop. If you only want these events to happen once, you should put the “repeat for each” as a subevent of another event that triggers at the beginning of the scene, then remove the “trigger once” condition.

Yeah it already triggers at the beginning of the scene. It’s just cut out. And even then, without the variable repeat values (set to a non-changeable number), it works fine. I also have removed the trigger once, and that still causes it to hang.

Yeah it just seems to not work properly, even with preset numbers. I’ll just scrap the code and do this manually.