my sprite doesn't change the animation

I set my character to do the death animation when the sprite’s life is 0 and the sprite doesn’t change the animation

Hmmm what’s the actual result is your sprite totally the same?
Maybe there is an event that controls the sprite event to normal sprite

OR Your sprite completely disappear, in this case maybe because it’s set to death animation with too low sprite frame time that looks like it change for 0.02 secs then get deleted, Moreover I’m not sure if when Ogre is at 0 HP the event will be repeated or not letting it keeps changing animation every frame then it can’t be finished.

If not that case, make sure that you really make your ogre hurt (for many reasons like making sure that an object is really collided) and again I’m not sure that the Laser is deleted so the event wont trigger anymore because it’s not collided, Try swapping Delete auxLaser line with Change the variable line to keep the substract 1 happen first then Delete later.

That’s all of what I can think of from your context.

There’s a high probability that the Ogre animation is being changed elsewhere before being set to “Death” every frame.

Check the other events for actions that set the Ogre’s animation.