My sprite keeps disappearing!

I am new to GDevelop (like yesterday new) so I’m sorry if this question is dumb.

My player sprite disappears from the screen whenever I launch a preview. It is set as a platform character and there is a tiled sprite below it (as a floor) which does not disappear. I’m certain that there’s some checkbox that I haven’t filled in but all the options and setting are so daunting and I keep getting lost.

Have you checked the Z order of the character (must be higer than the sprite below)?
Is the character in a hidden layer?

I changed the Z order of the character to 11 and the tiled sprite to 7 and results were the same. No, the layer is visible.

Have you centered the camera on the player? Maybe it’s falling outside the screen and that’s why you are not seeing it.

Where’s the camera options?

Also no question is dumb. :blush::blush::blush:

Yo for anyone thats looking this up, ive resolved this by taking the "platform " behavior off of the entire tielset that was imported and just placed that behaviour on indivual invisble sprites over the tileset (wherever your character will be walking)

you can design these collision boxes in piskel