My sprites are shaking everytime i run the game

How do i stop my sprites from shaking?
Everytime i run the game they violently shake/vibrate

The sprites were supposed to run smoothly but instead
they keep shaking & vibrating

Here is the video: GDevelop Forum - Help and discussions about GDevelop and game development.

I tried setting the behavior of the sprite from “Dynamic” to “Kinematic”
The sprite stopped shaking but it no longer collided with anything except the ground.

How do i fix this issue?

It’s hard to tell from the video - you’ll need to show your events for us to get a clear picture.

At a guess though, I’d say you’re moving the object using events (something like separate objects or by applying force). This will interfere with the Physics behaviour.

If you’re using physics behaviour, make the ball dynamic, and move it using Physics forces only (they have a little atom like symbol beside them). Don’t move it by adjusting or setting the positions.

And make the platform a static physics object.

But if you’re making a platformer, why not use the platformer behaviour instead?


Yes. I was using the “Add to” Event

I did try to use only the Platformer Behavior but then the collision events didn’t work.
I tried using only Physics 2.0 but on the next scene i couldn’t move at all

Video: My sprites are shaking everytime i run the game - How do I...? - GDevelop Forum

Both scenes had the same events for movement.

Sorry if i dont understand something, I am new to Gdevelop.

That force action is not the physics action.

You are mixing Physics behaviour commands/function with standard behaviour/functions.

Conditions & actions with this symbol image are physics behaviour

The symbol image, denotes standard, non-physics actions. Mixing them around can lead to undesired results.

Unless you have a compelling reason to use the physics behavious, I’d recommend removing it from the object and use this image for object collision detection instead.


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Wow thanks for helping out! I really appreciate it! : D