My z order problem

DELLO is the player object, when it comes to changing the z order of DELLO to DELLO.Y() he still goes through things he isn’t supposed to go through

Hi, without further information the chances are very slim that someone can give you the solution for your problem.

There is a z-order example project that may give you some inspiration what needs to be fixed or how you could set up your scene: Z depth - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop

what about a player going through the floor

Do you know the YSort -extension?

no i don’t actually, what is this?

Alright, just check it out: YSort - GDevelop documentation

im actually confused, sorry if im being annoying

No problem, but you need to be more clear what confuses you.

where is ysort in the top down example

You mean the example that is linked on the page for the YSort-extension? If you go into the behaviors of the two objects bard4 and bard6 and scroll down to the end YSort is listed. There is no configuration necessary, you just attach it to your player and you are good to go.
You could also look at how the z-oder of the objects is set in the scene, the background-value is set very very low.

i still dont get it sorry

As I mentioned before, you need to be more clear about what you don’t understand. Did you try the extension? Did you check the example projects and try to replicate some of the events/scene settings?

i have trouble undarstanding what bi am seeing in the example

Why don’t you just attach the YSort-behavior to your player, set the background to a very low z-value, which is for most cases not really necessary, and see what happens when you move around?

so i sucessfully dealt with the path way, while making the village scene i set some z order for the objects (finally started to understand the ysort) strange things started happening. the player goes under the floor where the house stands

look above what you’re probably reading right now, the direct reply adressing didn’t seem to save (visit the topic to see)

Then the z-order of your player sprite is lower than your floor/house(?) sprite.

By the way, setting your z-order like in your screen-snip in the events is not the same as using the ysort extension. The extension is using a function (doStepPostEvents) which prevents rendering issues. This function is only available if you make your own extension.

what kind of extension?

The Y-sort extension YSort - GDevelop documentation

well i changed the Ysort a bit, and i don’t know what to do