Native Android Save?

Hello everyone! :smiley:
I’ve been trying out the new Native Android exporter and it’s quite impressive!

Although I wanted to ask how to save game progress?
I’ve tried it several ways, but it still refuses to save things to a file so I can read from it later.
Is there any special way I need to implement this using something other then the Read/Write Storage actions?

The events I used worked fine on the PC export of my game that I tried.
Maybe the App needs permission to create files on my Tablet?

I don’t think it currently works, remember that the android native export is still experimental and heavily depends on the progress of SFML in this domain.

Alright good to know.
This might be an interesting idea to add in the future. (It seems to be the only problem I can find in the new exporter.)
Will there be anything on the RoadMap regarding features to the new Android Native Exporter?
Or will additions just be added as they come?

About saving files in Android, you can read: … files.html

Android storage options: … orage.html

Or you can use registry,

Android: how to store variable values to registry?: … o-registry

How to save data in an android app: … ndroid-app

Thank you very much for the links! :smiley:
I’ll see if I can get anything to work with these.

With the next version of SFML (2.4), it will be easier as we will be able to get the app “activity handle” to do Java calls. It may allow us to get to the asset folder of an app to read and write files.