Native Export .exe from Linux?

I’m at a point where I want to test an early portion of my game; I’m running the Linux version of GDevelop but I have WINE and was hoping to compile the game as an .exe and play from there. Is that an option on the Linux version, and if so how do you do it?

If it isn’t an option, what do I do to get the GameLinux file to run, because it’s not working for me.

You need the linux version to compile a native game to Linux.

I am on Linux, I’m trying to compile a Windows native .exe version of the game. I already have the compiled version that’s native to Linux but I can’t get it to run for some reason, and I’d much rather an .exe because it would be much better to distribute than a Linux exclusive game.

Yeah, the version of GDevelop you run determines what you compile. Windows GDevelop compiles Windows executables only, Linux compiles Linux executables only. But you can get around this by installing GDevelop for Windows with wine. Run it with wine, open your GDevelop file (should work without a hitch) and compile the windows executable from there.

The fact that Linux GDevelop creates an exe is somewhat deceptive. I had the same problem as you, non of my windows testers could run it, only compiling with Windows GDevelop worked.

Oh my god, thank you; that’s exactly what I needed to hear. I was thinking I’d have to zip the whole project up and find someone to compile it on their Windows computer, this will be much easier.