Navigation on HTML5 game

I am planning to do some point&click -type HTML5 game and tested some navigation implementations.

I have tested 4 separate arrow buttons on every screen and showing/hiding individual arrows based on global variables.
Global variable “key” is set to 1 if player collects key and on other screen navigation arrow is set to visible if value of that variable is 1.

Is there any other way to do the navigation?

Most point&click use click/touch to navigate.

Yes, that would work but i think showing simple arrows is more simple implementation than setting up complex xy-coordinates on every screen. But i might be wrong.

I recommend you make some sort of marker that is invisible but that your character could pathfind to (using the behavior). You could make it move to the location of the click, then be done. Then you could use GDevelop’s x/y system.