Need A Help on Making a Save Files For My Game

Heya… I’ve Been Working on This Very Small Game I Made In The Past Called Tower Of Corruption, And Its A Clicker Game, I Was Just Wondering, Is It Possible to Make a Saving System That Uses Like Files(Like Json)?
Since I Am Hoping To Be Able to Transfer The Player’s Save File to Another Device Or Game Without Having to Replay It Again…
I’ve Already Sorted Out the Important Variables And that’s the Only Major thing I Needed to Save… Most of my Game Functions Are Controlled By Variables So I Need to Save the Variables That the Game Has And be Able to Load It…
Is It Plausible?

Sure, you can.
Please check the wiki, examples and tutorials.

As Gruk mentioned, there is lots of examples and tuts out there, but basically you are loading or writing your variables, here’s a screenshot were I stored a variable so the tutorial was no longer active after first run:

See the Write “1” area? These are in the Action panel:

and here’s the handy tut for you:

Well, I Was Hoping for A Very Compact Saving System, Sorta Like Saving Multiple Variable On One File, I’ve Tried to Make This Using Coffee And Dopamine, But I Can’t Figure Out a Way To Load the File so that the Game Would look into the other line for the next variable and load the value on that line…
sorta like this type of structure

SaveMap1: 1
SaveMap2: 0

if the game started the SaveMap1 Will be Read and Given to its Respective Variable and The Other Variable In The Next Line…
Any Good Ideas?

Have you thought about an external event with global/local variables?

Yep, I Use The External Events For Sorting My Codes, Its Really Painful Sorting Out if its Messy

Could you put your variables as children and use the file system to save to a JSON file?

huh? how can I do that?

I’m going to send a youtube link because it explains it 100x better than I can, but I think this may work for you since how I understand what you are asking is more of a saving everything at once kind of deal, as opposed to a save slot for every item. I just think putting all variables under a structure so they are children would be your solution, but I could be wrong. But check it out, it might be what you are looking for

Alright Thanks For Helping Out, Ill Try to Hopefully Implement A System Just Like this And Come Back
Once I Have More Questions and Problems, Thanks for The Help!
Have A Nice Day

i’m not sure but on google somewhere i saw there is information related to your answer. Try to find it