Need Big Help

Hi, i just started using gdevelop for 2 months now… and honestly it does well for the kind of games i want to create
but am having an issue this morning and i believe that the masters in this forum can answer that for me
i have posted a picture of what am trying to achieve
i want the knife to rotate with the round object
the idea is really not new(Knife Hit!) i just want to bring out another type of version that concentrates more on hitting the fruits…
thanks guys in anticipation

The first thing that comes to my mind is to parent knife to the spinning object the second it collides with it. Now, i don’t have and event logic screenshot to show you, but you can test out the idea, it’s really basic. Hope this helps you out a bit :slight_smile:

In case using GD5, there is an example included for parenting objects it called pin object to an other:
Here: … to-another

There is also one to move object around an other called object gravity … ct-gravity