Need help and some advices to build game board

Hello guys!

I want to make game board, but with the platformer type.
here the idea of game:

  • The game made for 2 or more player
  • Game use the turn based with dice system
  • Players have to play until one of them reach the finish point

I was make the prototype but not platformer type, it’s top down type.

so is there someone with exprerience of build turn base game with dice system?
if yes, can you give me some help or advices or both. :smiley:
thank you.

Hi there.
For the dice, it’s quite easy, you only need to use the Random() function. Try the blue buttons on the side of most fields.
For the turns, you should have a scene variable WhoseTurnIsIt that you increase by 1 each time a turn is finished (player has moved/attacked) and that you reset when the number of players has been reached.
And you use that variable to tell who’s allowed to play.

Get started and let us know where you get stuck. :slight_smile:


Thank you for answering my topic.

Actually for the basic turn system with dice, i tried and it’s work.

but, when i went to project with platformer i am stuck how to create the point of where to player should move based on value of dice given.

This is the first prototype i made.
top down version. -

i have not looked up your version, but when your position fields are objects, you can give each of them an object variable(position)
first field position = 1, second position = 2 and so on.
Then when you roll for the player, store that roll in a scene variable.
then when scene variable (rolled number) > 0
→ Object variable(position) of player = field.variable(position) -1 I action: move player to field.X()/field.Y()
->then if position of player = field.X/field.Y add 1 to variable position of player and subtract 1 from scene variable(rolled number)

this way your player should move to the next field position, until your roll is used up.

edit: it shoudl be - 1 not +1. and you would also need to another condition for which players turn belongs to which players object, to avoid moving other players that are on the same field (if that is possible)

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Thank you so much.

i’ll try soon, and i’ll comeback again when get stuck.

Like this?

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not quite
here, this is what i mean.

if you want to test, where the player stops (trapbox) check for dice_val = 0

Okey @Slash, Thank you.
I’ll try it. :blush:

@Slash Thank you for your last help.

but now, i’ve got stuck.
i want to make random trap, and run that trap for current player. but, it’s not run soon. it’s run after few turn.
can u help me again?

  • What’s the difference between the trapval = 0 events and the trapval = 1 events? :thinking:
  • What happens if trapval = 2?