Need Help Finishing (SHOP)


I’m about 90% done with my game. Been working on it for days.
However, I’m sadly (Stuck)
I have a (count) which is the players score.
I’m trying to find out how to allow the player to buy a item from the shop when the
“Score” or (count)
is at a certain number.
For Example: I have a costume in the shop. it cost “1000” points.
The player starts at “0” every tap on screen ads +1 point.
I need to find out "when count = 1000 change player “sprite” to the new sprite.

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If Points > 1000 then
If Cursor/Touch is on Buy then
Change the global variable avatar = “banana_with_santa_hat”
Change the Points - 1000

If global variable avatar = “banana_with_santa_hat” then
Change the animation of Player = “animation with santa”

I followed some tutorial on yt. I have no “Global Variables”. So I should create a global variable called “avatar” and follow that?

If you have shop in another scene, you have to make a Global Variable

the shop is a layer. thats how the weird tutorial was

If this is a layer, Scene Variable is Okay, but making shop in another scene is better.


is this all good so far… or a problem

i have to post the other 3 pics… separate …cuz im new i guess…

I guess I have to make a tutorial about how to make a shop. Also, this image is not working

and yes… please do. the only yt tutorial is a kid speaking into a loud laptop mic in a different language…

Well, @Muzan I have to go to sleep for now. If you make a tutorial please share it to me.
I have job interview tomorrow. so i have to be ready. Thanks for the help friend.

OK (filling 20 character space)

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Hi, I made a tutorial (use 2x and watch because I did it very slowly)

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