Need Help - First game help

Hi everyone. Hopefully you can help. I’d like to make first part of my own game. First part is a short dialogue or story that the player can type it in. Kinda like how some games ask the player to enter the character’s name, or rename a character. How to do this?

If there is a guide or tutorial that would help with this and show how to do this, that is great. Let’s make it the first thing player sees when opening the game. First time player opens game, they can enter a short dialogue or story or city name, etc

When player opens game 2nd time, it’ll show this short dialogue or story or city name that player enter before. They’ll be able to rename or change it on the same screen or window (if that is too confusing to do, we can forget this part for now).

Let’s make this window or screen just the entire screen of the game to make this simple for now. I have a new project. How to do this? A video would be helpful too

Keeping it simple right now. There is no other game features or anything else in this game right now. Hopefully doing just this is simple. This making a game thing is very hard and confusing. Thanks

What you’re looking for is text input.

To do this you’ll need to save to local storage. Here’s a link to a post that explains the basics of saving and loading data

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I think this video shows that videos are a good way to show how something is done on computers, that words aren’t good when it comes to computer stuff

This video seems to use some kind of save button. But how to have it save automatically?
The post didn’t say anything about requiring the player to have to click on a save button, but that it would just save by itself.
Is there no way to do saves of text automatically in this app right now?

I don’t what this link is saying.

With inverted Focused condition it can be saved automatically.

ok that should probably be simple now with the video
conditions/causes seems simple

Fom the second link I posted:

If you’re unsure, search the internet for more detail.