Need help Fixing Game Camera

In my game I keep having issues with the camera not moving properly, It keeps jittering up and down when passing through a block.
It’s supposed to immediately move to the next room

How is that with a trigger once? I’m wondering if it’s trying to do all those actions the whole time Freddy is in collision with the markers, that might make things weird.

Also Hi and welcome.

Also I’m wondering if you move the center camera on THE_CAM out on it’s own condition. Might not be the look you’re going for though. If not maybe put it in a subevent of each action so it does it after it moves THE_CAM.

Ah, Thank you very much I’ll see if it works.

I tried that, and it almost worked then I tried having the camera focus on another object and now it’s working fine but I still don’t know why.
Thank you Though Lucky-j

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Hmm I don’t either, maybe it just likes the other object better haha. At least you got it going how you want now.