Need help fixing my game

Here is the link to the current build:
As you can see, the screen is panned over too far. I set the resolution to 800x600. Is there a way I can center it instead of having it point that way?
Second question:
At the start, music plays once you press play. But once you die and go back in the music doesn’t play. How can I make it so it always plays?
Thank you so much!

Look in the game properties section for how to control the resolution:

You probably need to use a “At beginning of scene” condition to start the music on the level scene.

If you want the music keep playing right click on your game scene and uncheck the stop music

Other option is to setup your music at the begin of the scene
Here in my game first I stop the music playing, and have a variable to control if music sound is above 0 so the music must be played, so i set the music volume and the song that will be played.