Need help for collision case

I created a game with dice, the number makes a ball moving, there are two balls for 2 players, every number gives moving for the certain ball. the problem is:
when a ball hits another, in the next dice I click the certain ball, but both of them move.
What can I do???
This is a link for an example of the project.
Try to make the two balls in the same place.

Do you use variables on the balls with a number for each player. (Ball.Variable(Player)=1 for player 1, Ball.Variable(Player)=2 for player 2)? When you roll the dice, you keep a variable in track of each player turn (Turn=1 for player 1, Turn=2 for player 2)?

No, I do not use variables, But every player has his dice. Thus no way to move both balls together, the dice condition drives to one player.
everything is well except when the two balls met in the same place, You need to try it in my project.

It’s because when the two balls are in the b5 and you click on one above ball, the click is valid for the bottom ball too. And with your conditions the events are true for 2 balls:

It’s not because you hided dice2b or dice1b this not still playing animation anymore. It’s still playing the animation and that’s why your conditions still true. You can put one more condition “Is visible” to fix this, because when you click on the ball one of dices is invisible:

But looking all your code I think you can start to take into account the possibility of using variables. Believe-me, will be more easy and organized.

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If I could, I would travel for you to thank you personally, I did it, But you said to me that I have to learn variables.
I searched for arrays tutorials and variables too, but I didn’t find on youtube anything for arrays, So if you please guide me to a video teaching me that perfectly.

I do not know any good video of variables because I learned it from some examples and Wiki: Variables [GDevelop wiki]

I think you can use the advise of oscuridad666

I know it’s been a few days and you’ve probably found some information about variables. But today came out on the channel of Gdevelop on youtube a video about it! Maybe it can help you:

GDevelop Intro Tutorial: Variables - YouTube