NEED HELP! How to hide my marks of the Enemy's AI

I’m following the first tutorial of how to make a platformer game but I’m stucked because I can’t hide my marks (left and right) of my scene… I tried creating an event and the marks are still appearing in the preview:
Condition: At the beginning of the scene
Action:Hide object Left.
Hide object Right.

Thanks mates! :smiley:

Make sure the objects name are the same used in the events (no misspelling) :slight_smile:
If the event is simple like that, I can’t think of another problem. You could try with an object loop:

For each Right: Hide Right For each Left: Hide Left
Or with the “Consider all objects” action:

At the beginning of the scene:   Consider all Right,   Hide Right,   Consider all Left,   Hide Left

But your logic should work :confused: