Need help on Rope Mechanic

Basically, when the rope is attached to the player, things seem… fine ( I guess). But when I realease Left mouse, the player still gets stuck in mid-air and he’s not falling down on the platform.

What should I do this situation?

(the GIF is laggy, sorry about that )


Is the variable ropejoint set when you create the rope joint? Is it spelt the same way (it’s case sensitive BTW).

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I’ve just “highlighted” the player to remove the joint and it works, he does fall to the ground now. Thanks a lot.

And btw, I need to ask your opinion about what I’m going to do next.

So I want to make a swinging rope that can attach to any platform where I “throw” my rope to (to where my mouse touches that specific position on screen). I’ve refered to a lot of topics in this forum that try to execute this mechanic but it is… not coming to an end. I will try to explain the logic of the rope that I’m going to approach to this mechanic:

  1. First, I’m going to create a 'line" (ShapePainter object). When I click my left button, the line “is thrown” from the player and reach to the mouse point where I’m clicking (the line will have a specific length)

  2. Second, I will “wrap” the platform with “grapple_ledge”.

  3. Third, at the end of the line , I will create an object called “grapple_helper”. When the “grapple_helper” is in collision with “grapple_ledge”, they create a weld joint (where the “sticking” happens) and apply physics to my player. When I realease the mouse, the joint disappears.

That’s how I’m approaching to this mechanic but I can be totally wrong or being too complicated with this. Are there any better ways to do this thing? I really want to hear from you.