Need Help please

I have a problem with animation play when PlayerHitBox is in collision with “something” animation dont want to play just play 1st frame from this animation and nothing else…
I just added Gdevelop 5 file (in zip)

SORRY i’m just starting

thx for help (2.95 MB)

The problem is that you have events that set the animation to =2 any time the player is on the floor, so the moment you set it to =3 by colliding with Kolec it is immediately changed back to =2 as the PlayerHitBox is still on the floor.

A quick fix is to add a condition to the “PlayerHitBox is on floor” event which checks that the PlayerHitBox isn’t also colliding with Kolec. You can do this by copy and pasting your collision check condition and then inverting the condition, so it is true when a collision isn’t happening.

THX A lot just fixed this!! :slight_smile: