Need Help to Create Object and attach to player

Please help I have tried different variation
I using gdevelop 4
example: I want create object when “Object0” each time eat something create another “Object1” that attach to “Object0” and move together with “object0”
for “object0” I choose topdownmovment
I know how to create Object, but how to attach the Object that I create to primary object and move together?
need help

Hi there

You could try the following:

When object is created (Object1) set it’s position around Object0 at a distance and angle,then update the position of Object1 by making a timer .

HI Roelof1978
I tried this its work thanks! but it create only once the “object1” and I want that its create each time when eat
example: object0 eat fruits let say I have on platformer 5 fruits and each fruit I eat its create another oblect1 and attach to object0 like tail and rotate also with object0 because on topdownmovement I mark rotate also and on you example its only move with “object0” not rotate
like game “super nibbly”

Victor did it some years ago, and I still remember it!: [url]Snake following]
The example still works :smiley:, it can take some seconds to open because GD has to update it for GD4.
It’s complex because if you have multiple “object1” you have to distinguish them with an ID variable, and make an “object1” with ID = N to follow the “object1” with ID = N-1, until ID = 0, in which case it has to follow “object0” :neutral_face:

Hi Lizard-13
I try that with not help on examles its seem free form snake
I want that each time object0 eat fruit its create object1 and move with it
say object0=head object1=tail
may I do something wrong?
can you show me example?
I want create like on this picture:…i&w=1366&h=768&bih=784&biw=1600&q=super%20nibbly&ved=0ahUKEwjf8oqL9-vXAhUPLewKHbLNAUMQMwg_KAMwAw&iact=mrc&uact=8