Need help with advanced linking/pathfinding of objects

How do I…

Well I thought this was probably an easy answer but it turns out they say it’s quite advanced. So…how do you connect objects thru links and then specify an end result when they are connected? Like if I wanted to say the Blue object gets created when the Green is connected to the Yellow and there is a path connecting to the Red? (see picture attachments below)

Related screenshots

And then have more complicated paths as well, not just a straight line

My end goal is to say that when the Red is connected to the Green thru any path of Yellow, the Blue will be created for each Red.

This sounds interesting. Is it educational, a puzzle, art ? I’m having trouble seeing the complete picture.

Is the player adding certain blocks or is it automated!

I’ve seen it used for games like “connecting electricy” thru a given path on a grid to power houses, etc. but I need it for a shooting game I’m making. In the picture below you can see the castles (sorry my pixel art isn’t that great) at the bottom, and the walls will extend from them. I want to place cannons along the walls but only allow them to shoot if the walls are connected back to the castles. So if the enemy ships destroy a part of the wall, there will be a “building” phase where the tetris styled pieces (in the middle of the picture) will be chosen at random and the player will place them to try and rebuild the connections to gain control of the cannons again

I really can’t take all the credit since it was a game released back in the 90’s called Rampart. This is my first game and I’m just trying to remake it. It’s still an early work in progress but if you’re interested to see how it plays so far, I made a demo build a little bit ago. If you are, I’d appreciate any input or notes you have on it!

It’s interesting and looks pretty good so far. I understand the Tetris style powerlines. I don’t understand the original screen shots with the different colors. I don’t know where they figure in.

I love the concept. I’m not sure how to approach it.

They were there just to make the question easier to ask.
So for the colors if you replace the
Then the action for creating the Blue is the where I’ll swap out and make an action for “cannons can only fire when” ( the blue would be created)

I hope that makes sense :sweat_smile:

I sort of understand it. Unfortunately, I can’t think of a way to help you at the moment. I’ll think about it.

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