Need help with arrays

In my game you will be able to buy different guns, and I need to store all of the guns the player has bought inside of an array. I have managed to do that but I can’t figure out the “Existence of child variable” action. The logic goes like this: If a gun is equipped (Condition 4) then it will append the Name variable into the global array Guns (This part is working fine). Then if the Name variable of the buyable is in the array, it will set it to be equipped (This is used to make sure the guns are set back to equipped when the scene is re-entered, and will eventually be used to save the data once the player leaves the game). However, this part does not work, does anyone know why?

(Text is set to grey when not bought, white when bought and not equipped, blue when equipped)

The children of Arrays are numbers (0,1,2).
If you want to refer to the children by name then you should use a Structure instead.

Thanks for the help, but I just used a regular string variable, added in the gun I wanted, then I used text manipulation to find if the gun was in there.