Need help with extension idea: CreateChainOfObjects

CreateChainOfObjects can be used to create rope-like chains of objects.

Input Parameters:

Object - A physics object that is used as chain links
ChainLinkQuantity = Number of links in the chain
StartPosition - Where the chain starts

Object Variables assigned to the generated objects:

ChainLinkID = Identifier for each link in the chain
ChainID = Identifier for the entire chain

Extension logic:

  1. Create a horizontal row of objects.
  2. Add distance joints between each object. (1-2,2-3,3-4,etc)

I am having problems with step 2. How can I make an action that adds a distance joint in an extension, using two objects that I just created? I know we can use ChainLinkID to identify them, but is this possible?

Hi there,
Did you make progress?
If you assign an ID to each link, you should be able to add a joint between ChainLinkID and ChainLinkID-1.