Need help with melee

So at this point I’m just trying to get the melee hitbox to show, I want it to rotate depending on what moving/idle animation is occuring. I’m not too sure what I did wrong here. I can change adjust the angle later

Any help is appreciated!

try to move the delete to be the last event, and in the events of compare 0/1 you can remove the or and place if player animation < 2

So I can get it to show, but it won’t delete itself now. Is it because I made the hitbox/swing an object? The hitbox object is has 3 sprites to the animation and I’m trying to get it to disappear after the the animation.

If I tell it to create animation instead of object (on button press), would I still be able to adjust where I want it at?

Maybe adding a timer instead of check the animation finish, try adding a timer when you Put the meleehitbox then at last event check if timer greater than 0.25 delete
You need to place the timer like start Timer “AddHitbox” in the three events when you call Put
then a separated event with trigger once if timer is greater than 0.25
Delete timer “AddHitbox”
Delete PlayerMeleeHitbox

Yes that did the trick! Thank you!