Need help with mobile joystick issue

I followed this tutorial (How to Create a Mobile Touch 360 Joystick Controller in GDevelop 5 - Tutorial - YouTube) to create a joystick control in my game. But I placed anchor behavior on each of the joystick objects so it would be in place on the screen no matter what device you play the game on. But the anchor caused the joystick to be unusable for some reason. To be more precise, the anchor caused the speed variable to fail to calculate. Due to the failure of the speed calculation, my character would not be moved by the joystick.

Is there a way to fix this? Or is there a way to keep my objects on the game screen without the need of using an anchor?

PS: All three joystick parts needed anchor behavior. If just the controller position has anchor behavior, the joystick would literally go offset and break apart (as seen on this screenshot I attached)

I think you need to delete the anchor behaviour for the moving parts of your joystick and base positions using points of the object.

Unfortunately, every objects of the joystick need to have anchor behavior added or else, itll break apart, like the screenshot i attached. Every parts needed anchor behavior to make it look like an actual useable joystick on every device resolutions. But the anchor behavior is causing the speed variable to stop calculating