Need help with pixel blurring

SO! I am trying to make a pixel game 16x16 sprite art but when I go to insert it is extremely small AND blurry. How do I fix this? Really annoying.

Pls help, I literally can’t insert any pixel art.

Two main options:

  1. Zoom into the scene editor to see it larger, then ensure your project scaling settings match those set up in the Retro Space Shooter example that’s built into the engine. This also includes changing settings on the resources panel.
  2. Scale your assets up by the same factor. If it’s 16x16, scale them all up 5x to 60x60 and make your game resolution 1920x1080.
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Nice. This is helping pretty well. If you have any more tips I would appreciate it.

  1. If you’re not going to do a “native” resolution (1080p), make sure your game resolution can evenly scale into it. In general, While I’m working with 16x16 assets for my game, for a 16:9 game I tend to recommend 640x360 just because effects have more pixels to work with than 320x180. This does mean I have to scale all of my assets up 2x to 32x32, but it’s not a huge effort. 4:3 would mean 640x480 rather than 320x240.
  2. Make sure your project is set to nearest scaling, not linear. You don’t want antialiasing on Pixel assets. Any assets you’ve added before making this change will need to have “Smoothing” unchecked for each of them in the resources panel. After making this change any new resources should automatically have this off.
  3. Read up on Bitmap Fonts/Bitmap Text and use that rather than regular text if you’re using a pixel font. You will see blurring/distortion on pixel fonts with regular text/BBtext. This is because of how Chromium/Operating Systems render small fonts when scaled up, rather than increasing font size.
  4. When setting up your audio, make sure you use “Play a sound file on a channel” not “Play music” nor “Play a sound file”. The Music events are a legacy sound system that has issues if you’re wanting audio to loop. Using sound channels means you can more directly control when to mute/reduce the volume of certain sounds, and have more events that can work with it.