Need Help With Player Choose Code

I am trying to build a choose player screen, everything works fine except one character. The event sheet is as follows:

Please let me know if you need further details! Thanks in advance!!!

It would help if told us which group doesn’t work. But at a guess, it’s KanishkaGroup? You’ve got AnupamGroup in the condition for the second and third parent events:

No, its not the Kanishka Group, but the its the Anupam Group thats causing problems

This is how the code goes:

And what issue are you experiencing with this. Please be detailed. Your posts so far have not indicated what the problem is, which is what the new topic template is supposed to be used for.

the problem is that the next and previous buttons of the choose player screens are behaving unexpectedly, some dont work and some skip player avatars

i have followed the same logic and structure throughout the event sheet, so i cant figure out whats happening.

some of the screens and arrow buttons are working while others behave in consistently.

Try this:

I love the idea of a show_hide counter. Nice.

FYI, in your (vivekC) screenshot the first event has button is released while the others have is down “released” only triggers once while “down” will trigger the events until the button is released. For that version you would need to either change them all to released or add trigger once conditions.

Thanks a lot, guys, it works!