Need help with testing :)

Hi, My game “Miko’s Adventures” is now out on but it’s only available on windows right now, I want to bring it to Mac OS and Linux but I only use windows, so If anyone owns Mac OS or Linux, I’d like your help test out the game .

Linux version : … Image?dl=0

Mac OS version : …

Download, install and just test it, have fun with it and let me know what did you find :slight_smile:
Is it working at all ? is it fullscreen ? is the framerate good ? is there lag ? how about the enemies ? …etc
Just a small review about your experience with it on Mac OS or Linux .
And if possible make a video about it and send it to me (That would help a lot) :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I can test on Linux. Will have a play and let you know :slight_smile:

Awesome, waiting for your feedback :slight_smile:

Tried on Ubuntu and Pop!_OS with proprietary drivers and experienced no problem at all. Worked both ways, running the file directly and also with a launcher (when you run Appimage you can choose to create a launcher in applications menu or not). In application menu the launcher had no icon however, not sure if it a limitation of Appimage or a setting in GD or the distro I tried, I haven’t touched Linux platform for a long time.

Regarding gameplay, the game definitely show that you did put lot of effort in to the game and the overall look and feel is very polished really nice example of quality work in GD. But unfortunately I am pretty much burnt out on platformer games, I haven’t seen a platformer for years that I did enjoy even just a little. One thing could help is some sort of linear story to motivate to go further and explore more of the game and unfold the story. But it is a nice game overall.

Thanks a lot ddabrahim for testing out the game, that helps a lot .
Yeah for sure, well this is just the first game, I’m planning to work on something bigger in the future that will have a lot more depth into it but thanks a lot for your feedback :slight_smile:

So I had a quick play with this before getting frustrated at the first ladder :smiley:

I tested the AppImage (without installation) on Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon. The game ran well, no noticeable issues.
It was in windowed mode for the percentage loading (very first) screen, then went to full-screen (from the GDevelop logo onwards).

When first accessing the Options menu, the two volume levels were down the bottom (lowest setting), even though music was playing on the menu screen. I set them to full. The next time I ran the game they were at full where I had set them.
The credits screen was blank, with just the cursor and Back button, nothing else…

Not sure if you want non-linux-specific feedback too, but just in case:

An option to skip the intro story would be nice (skip button or similar).
I didn’t like the keys :frowning: I’m right-handed, so it felt weird using primarily my left hand for all moving, jumping, etc. (that’s why I had trouble with the first ladder). Also, using the left mouse button to shoot seems odd, considering most other keys are on the left of the keyboard, and even the alternate shoot (firing in both directions at once) was ‘f’ whereas right mouse button might have made more sense… Having said that, I didn’t progress very far so maybe there are more keys/functions learnt later on that would make this all make more sense. But either way, and option to change/customise the keys would be nice, or maybe support both ‘a/d’ and ‘left/right’ for movement (so players can choose which hand to use (same with other keys).

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much for testing it out and your feedback, of course it helps a lot :slight_smile:
Sorry for the controls, It’s a cute game but it’s very challenging too and you might rage a lot when playing it :smiley:
I’ll make sure to make some more controls options in the next game and make it more easy for everyone, I just decided to make my first game a cute (rage) game so that it has replayability and stays with people a long time as possible .
But i promise to make the next game more easy (not rage) but you know, just challenging :smiley:
Thanks for your other ideas, I’ll make sure to look into them in the next game for sure :slight_smile:

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Anymore testers ? :nerd:

In case no Mac user care to try your game, I think it safe to release the Mac version too. 4ian developing GD on a Mac, so I would expect Mac is the first platform he is testing the build service on.

The Linux version is definitely safe to release. On Debian/Ubuntu based distros with proprietary drivers should have no problem. If it doesn’t work for someone on other distros with open-source drivers, it is out of your control anyway and should not get bad reviews for it because having problems is part of the daily routine on Linux.

One more thing I would like to add is that I would prefer to have the game start in windowed mode and let me choose if I want to go full screen or not.

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hi will test on monday, weekend is for chikdren. I will test on linux

ddeprahim, yeah you’re right for sure, I’ll actually release today or tomorrow the Linux version and Mac OS .
It’s definitely out of my hand if someone had a problem for sure (I never used them)
I think a full screen for default is not a bad thing, but you’re right for sure .
Next game I’ll make sure to pay more attention to options and even add resolution option if i can and camera and some other stuff .
Thanks a lot ddeprahim :slight_smile:

Xisco, very nice waiting for your feedback :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot .

Well it is more of a personal preference only. I dislike that when a full screen game messes up the desktop by running on a lower resolution than my desktop or in case the game may start in a higher resolution my monitor can handle or the game crash/freeze and I end up with a black screen and wait for some sort of miracle to happen :stuck_out_tongue:

What I like the best if I have a chance to set resolution and select between full screen and windowed mode even before the actual game start.

But unfortunately not many games doing this.

And I can tell you that it runs perfectly fine on Mac… Just tested it and got to level 3…

Very nice and polished work…

ddabrahim, yeah you’re right for sure, it gives you more freedom on what to choose and what’s best for your monitor,
I’ll make sure to make this a feature in next projects if i can .

MeX1Co That’s very nice, I wanted at least a Mac user to test it and I’m happy it’s working for you and you liked the game :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot .
Well i guess I’m ready to upload the Mac and Linux versions today or maybe tomorrow :slight_smile:

If anyone else want to test feel free, this testing helps me a lot .
Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing with the game a little more, actually I begin to kind of enjoy it :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a few more thoughts to share that you might want to consider for the next release.

Spikes cause damage even if you are on the ground or you are jumping up. In my opinion, the spikes on the ground should cause damage only if you are falling at the moment of collision. When you walk up to a spike, just prevent the player to be able to walk through. Same for the spikes above, cause damage only if player jumping at the moment of collision. You might want to use different spike objects on the ground, ceiling and wall and apply different rules to them.

Spikes sometime cause double and triple damage probably because you have 3 next to each other and I collide with all of them. I think we should get damaged only 1 at the time. The most simple way to prevent this is to use an invisible collision object that you scale to cover all spikes and check collision with the invisible object instead of each individual spikes or instead of placing 1,2,3,4-6 spikes next to each other, make it only an animation to display 1,2,3-6 using a single spike object only.

Enemies damage you when you fall on their head. I think we should be able to jump/fall on top of enemies at least once without getting hurt and cause damage only after we jumped on the head once. Enemy objects could have a variable to check if player did jump on their head that you reset after 2-3 second.

Blue flying enemies at level 3 sometime get stuck and do not fly any more. For example one fly to the left edge of the screen and then stay there, or fly up to a platform and then stay there. Just stop flying for some reason.

ddabrahim this is the kind of feedback I’d like to hear, this is very helpful, thanks a lot .
I was doing my best to make the game it’s own thing (different), not just a clone of Mario or Sonic as most game now, It’s tough but it’s fair, I’d say it’s a rage game (with a cute cover :smiley: ) .

About the blue flying enemies at level 3 :-
I know about this bug but I couldn’t fix it lol but it’s not that bad so i just left it as it is for now cause level 3 is a real challenge by it self even without enemies . I’m pretty sure there is a way to fix it but it’s not that serious so i just left it as it is, for now It’s not a bug (It’s a feature) :laughing:
But I might actually take a look at it in the future cause Miko’s Adventures will be getting another story update (I’m planning to make this big)a couple of months from now so I might fix it as well in this update .

When I start working on the next game I’ll take a look at your feedback for sure to see about the player damage thing and figure out the best way to do it in the game :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this feedback .
This really helps a lot and if you found anything else, feel free to let me know :slight_smile:

I would think it is a classic problem with the instances, one instance met a certain condition and the other a different condition the third again a different condition and GD mix it up which one moves left and which one moves right.
You can solve it by using the For each object event when checking the conditions.

Also take a look at the “Move object back and forth” example included with GD. :sunglasses:
Unlike in the platformer example where you check collision with an object to change direction, the idea here is that at beginning of the scene you get the initial position of the object and then you specify how much and in what direction you want to move the object and it will move back and forth the amount you set. But you want to do this for each individual instances by having each it own values for initialX, initialY, maxDIstance, movementSpeed and movementDirection. So need to apply For each event here is well and object variables instead of scene variable.

I see yeah, I understand what you mean, I think like you said it’s mixing up, That might be the problem 80%
I’ll look into this problem soon .