Need help with the Cordova build

-I have the latest updates on all:
Node js, Cordova and Android Studio.
-Follow the instructions at the wiki

And I’m unable to complete the build

First it told me to create a variable for JAVA_HOME, and I did.

Then it started telling me that I has to install Gravel or Android Studio(Even though I already had the studio installed and updated)
so I searched outside the comunity and followed every instruction on adding paths and envoirement variables for Android Studio and it gave me the same answer.

The farthest I’ve been able to take the process is for Node to tell me that Gravel doesn’t support some actions in the code. It never recognizes Android Studio as installed.

Anyone has had this problem?
Why does the wiki lack info about having to write envoirement variables for JAVA and Android Studio?

I haven’t done this in a while, but I don’t remember having issues with the process.
Could you start over and post screenshots of all the commands you enter and what they return?

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Thanks for your answer

It seems indeed that cordova or Node doesn’t recognize that you installed the Android SDK.
Follow some of the tips offered on this page and let us know.

As far as why the wiki lacks updated info, well, it means nobody updated the info. Will you be the one to do it? :wink:

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Thank you. I´ll loock into it. :grin:

I think no one could import Cordova before, I read all posts on all these issues of it, Really I didn’t find any helpful reply, Just read this page, and follow these steps, That is all we did before we asked, even Youtube tutorials, You can’t find a real one introduce a solution belong to Gdevelop, I searched for months with no use.
If there is any update for that, I mean an easy way to export to ios, Please tell us.

To this day I’m still unable to manualy build APK, however I found that even if the web build says “time out error” if I wait, the build’s download Will appears within a few minutes.

Also learned that the problem with the manual build has to do with my Environment Variables not updating, and then I messed them up even further while trying to update them manualy.

I did the same as you when I had the same problem.

I strongly recommend from my own experience that this be done only by someone who already knows how to modify environment variables and not just guided by what they find on the internet

We do not have a problem here with the APK, because it is easy to extract without trouble, the problem is with files for the iPhone, as well as online multiplayer, you do not find a radical solution to it, and I found a short time ago to download an extension, but for $ 5, and I am not good at dealing with payment Through Paypal, and I do not like paying with my credit card, and I am also not sure that if I buy it, I will know after that the game works Multiplayer Online… Two important problems really need an expert, who can and does not suffice with words and advice, God knows that when he asks me Someone is in something that I am good at, I advise him, and if he fails, I do not just talk to him, but I go to another level of assistance that is more effective, such as an organized and accurate video, for example.