Need improve "Anchor Behavior" in wiki page

Our wiki page don’t have enough information about # Anchor Behavior.I want to know more about this behavior


Yes me too !
I’ve never used this behavior, i don’t now really how it’s work in a real game.
How use it, why i should use it, etc :slight_smile:

Here the wiki page
@The_Gem_Dev maybe a new tutorials :wink: ?

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Seriously man! I can’t believe that sorry.:scream: We all know You are one of the top Game developer of this engine.

Oh no ^^
I’am maybe one of the oldest user on this forum, but not the best game developper, i’ve finish one game for an html5 game jam one day ^^

Wow!:open_mouth: I didn’t know you made one also…This Concept is uniq.I enjoyed playing this game.Hey is that made with gd 4?

I will work on making a tutorial on that. Thanks for the mention it really means a lot.