Need opinion. Menu system

Is this kind menu is possible in Gdevelop. Also does this look good enough for commersial game ?

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Yes and yes. Except maybe for the skill combo what is that?

player can use all skill in 1 button release. Also an mega upgrade after the skill tree is full

Where can i ask more opinion bout my games idea? is for game upload only?

As far I know all of this is posible in Gdevelop.

Achievements may require you to code in JS if you mean Steam achievements. GDevelop does not come with Steam API integration, you need to hook this up using JS.
All other logic should be possible.

If you want more people to confirm it is possible to do it in GDevelop, then you are at the right place. This is the official forum.
There is also an official Discord channel:

You can upload and share any content on including images, games, tools, sounds, e-books but it is not for uploading images only to ask for opinion and such. It is a store to share and sell staff that people can actually use for something.
There is a community forum at but it is mainly for the shop and not to discuss engines and game dev in general. But you can try.

If you are looking for a game dev community in general where you can ask game dev questions, there is a place:

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For steam I am currently writing a guide on how to use it with gd