Need some explenations to Timer event

Greetings guys.

So im completly new to Gdevelop, i used Construct 2 alot and had an easy time with it. But since its not Free for commercial projects, i looked for an alternative and noticed Gdevelop. It kinda works like C2 so dont have a bad start at all with it. But i have a problem with my first Time based Event. For some reasons it wont work for me, probably because i dont know how to use it correctly. Basicly i just want to create a timer on start, which counts to the 17th second and then start an event.

so i tried it like this :

the timer “test” is greater than 17 seconds > stopp music

i also tried:

at the beginning of the scene > blank
(subeven) the timer “test” is greater than 17 seconds > stopp music

but as u may know it dont works.
So could someone of u guys help me with that little problem?
i rly looked for some timer tutorials but somehow i cant managed it to work :<

If you are making a project for native compilation, you can use the “timed event” extension, which is very easy to understand.

However, this extension is not available for HTML5 projects. There is an easy way to perform it : make an event “At the beginning of the scene” → "Unpause the timer “XXX” ". This way, you will “create” or “activate” the timer, I don’t know exactly how does it work.

thx for the response.
I had the timed event activated but once and deactivated again because i thought it doenst work like i wanted.
Now that u say this is easier i looked into it. But i have only 2 options,
(its translated to german so i dont know how its called 1:1)
“reset terminated even” and “reset a timed event and sub events” and on both i just have to enter a name for the timers.
Oh and ye im on an Native Project, not html5

I cant use the timed event as an condition, just as an event. Not sure if we talk about the same, but if so, im still lost :S

I will explain to you both ways :

[size=150]With the “timed events” extension[/size]

[size=150]Without the “timed events” extension[/size]

I had a look at the german version and I think you should swap to english version, just the time to perform this. :wink: