Need to add images to image bank again after....

If I add images to a project on Windows, and after I load the same project in Linux, the images I have added in Windows don’t load in Linux. The images are still in the image bank but for some reason they don’t load under Linux. The images are inside the project folder in same location, so the path of the images can’t be the problem. To get it work, need to delete the images from the image bank and add them again to load.

No such problem under Windows, if we add images under Linux it works in Windows too.

I’m using WIndows7 Ultimate 64 bit, Ubuntu 14.04 64bit and GD 3.3.71

I haven’t Ubuntu 14.x… less Ubuntu 14.x 64bit, but maybe the image path has inverse brackets “” instead “/”?

Indeed. In windows it using brackets this way “” in Linux this way “/”.
But no such problem in Windows, project made in Linux works in Windows too without any modification required.

Check this out:
[url]Remonter dans l'arborescence d'un fichier - #2 by 4ian]
Brackets are “portable”, they work in any OS, inverse brackets only in Windows (?). Programming languages use brackets for paths… maybe this should be the default GD’s behaviour for image paths in any platform/OS :neutral_face:

As 4ian already know about this portability problem of brackets, and solution, I wonder why not the “/” bracket is the default in GD on all OS :confused:

Normally, “/” is the default and if the file is in the same folder as the game, there should be no “/” or “” at all. Strange…

I’ve stumbled upon this issue and fixed it today :smiley:
GD gui toolkit (wxWidgets) return filenames using the native system format (I.e: / on windows). (As any cross platform toolkit, it’s perfectly normal). I now just force the resources to use / so that projects are perfectly portable as long as you use relative paths (I.e.: no filename beginning with “c:/…”) :slight_smile: