Need to figure out platformer extension physics (SOLVED)

The Problem

I was trying to remake Geometry Dash, when I realized that I needed to remake the physics. I found a website explaining it, but when I went to the platformer extension I realized that I didn´t know if gravity, max speed and these other values meant px/s or some other value.

What i’m looking to figure out

I need to at least find out the following:

  • Pixels per second from Max Speed property values .
  • Total amount of pixels jumped from Jump Speed property values.
  • Pixels per second from Max Fall Speed property values.
  • How does Gravity property affect jumps and time until reaching the maximum falling speed.

I need them written as a formula, or like this:
JumpSpeed * (Gravity / Something) = TotalPixelsJumped (Example of a formula)

If you want to, you can also help me find out the values I should use for the properties “Gravity”, “Jump Speed” (A block in my game is 64x64px), “Max Fall Speed” and “Max Speed” for my recreation of the Geometry Dash physics (Just the Cube form’s physics).
GD Forum physics thread (by P1kachu)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

The units are listed on the right side of the box, so gravity is pixels per second squared, whereas max falling speed and jump speed are just px/s since they don’t change over time.

If you really want to learn physics then that’s cool but, not totally necessary for getting these values right for your game. I’m not sure what you mean by “pixels per second from max fall speed”… it is in pixels per second already. So 700 means you’ll stop accelerating when you reach 700 px/s.

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