Need to spawn enemies outside screen and make it move towards character

Hi I,ve been stuck on this of months now , I want enemy spawn like zombies and I want in once in 7 seconds or so,also need to spawn enemies outside screen and make it move towards main character .But I’m finding it hard as I see enemy spawn within screen and timing is all off(2 to three enemies are spawned at once). How do solve this, please help.

We cannot tell you what you did wrong if you don’t tell us what you did. Please send a screenshot (not a photo of your screen) of your events and objects.

Here is the logic

This is the error both astroids are spawning at same place at same time and not outside camera.

Is anyone even seeing this? Please reply!

What’s your game size?

11 mb as of now. Does that matter?

Sorry 1920*1080

so let me verify I understood correctly, you want the enemies not to spawn at the same time, right?

Yes and I want them to generate outside 1920*1080 box. Far from main character.

I guess your last create object is creating the astroid inside the game. x=1500 and the width is 1920.
If Random(2000) generates i.e. 1000, you´ll get 1000-500=500, so the game will create the astroid at x=1500, y=500. And you have to use trigger once to avoid creating more than 1 object.

But still generating inside screen, can you explain the math some how, like where is the origin of the coordinate system is?

the origin of a scene is always the top left corner. the X increases from left to right, the Y increases from top to bottom.