Negative Gravity [upside down world]

Hello everyone:

I am working with gDev gravity function for a platform game [not physics just regular platformer], and there is a certain place in my level where things are upside down [e.g., instead of the the character walking on a platform, they are walking upside down on the platform right above]…I was thinking I could do that with a negative gravity value for the character; but I cannot set a negative value.

Is there any way you recommend create a specific portion of the level to be upside down?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help on this matter.

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In fact, negative values for gravity do work! You have to change the value in events using the following action:

Obviously, you could use any conditions you like, such as touching a gravity switch or something similar. Just make sure if you want the player to flip over as well, you have to activate vertical flipping (an action). Hope that helps!


It kind-of works, but you can’t jump.

Thank you, I appreciate your help with this issue. I’ll play around with variations other than negative gravity to see if I can solve the problem and still permit upside down jumping, etc. Thank you for your help.

Is it possible to somehow just vertically flip the scene (or camera) visually? That way everything would still work as normal, just upside down…

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I’ve messed around a bit with the numbers, and you can sorta make it work, but from my minimal tests it’s a little buggy. The jump speed and (max) fall speed must also be negative (again from events) for jumps to be possible again. I got it to work with a small gravity (ex. -100), and then having even smaller speed values (ex. -5000 for both).

Again, it was really buggy, but there is potential for upside-down jumps using solely the platformer character behavior.


That’s 100% possible, we used it in Promo Game - Uncle Brusnik Long Way Home.

Just need to remember when the screen is flipped you need to flip controls as well.

Hello BWPanda, yes that is possible but that’s not what I am looking for, here’s why: [1] if you flip the camera, as you’ve correctly suggested the entire game world will be upside down…however, I want a different affect. I want [2] the game world to remain the same, and the player to be upside down. Think of Spiderman, he can walk on the floor or cling to and crawl on the ceiling above. Similarly, the player can walk on the platform as normal, and in certain parts walk on the ceiling above. turning the entire level upside down via camera would not achieve that. hope that better explains the situation I am in. Thank you for your reply and your suggestion.

OongusBoongus, I will try with your changes and see how far I’m able to get. Thank you for your reply.

Any updates? Did you get it working?

Have not found a good solution yet, working out other logic in the game now and will get to the negative gravity at the end. hopefully, could find a solution.

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