Nested event loops


I was wondering if someone could help me with this problem im having. I have read through the tutorials etc and have experience with C++, I am trying to create a nested loop using the event editor so i can draw a 2d array type map.

In c++ naturally i would do something like :

For(int i=0;i< mapheight;i++)
For(int i=0;i< mapwidth;i++){
//draw objects

However i was hoping to achieve this in the event editor, but cannot seem to add a While loop into another while loop, or indeed the repeat function into another loop structure. Is there any way to achieve this using events? and if not, why are the loops restricted to be top level events? Any help would be appreciated, regards :slight_smile:


Just add a sub event to the while loop. Then, by hovering this event, you can add a while loop inside the while loop. :wink:

Astounding, thanks for the reply. saved me! Thumbs up to you sir :slight_smile: