Nested Folders and piskel file handling

I’m kind of surprised no one has suggested this yet. Full support for nested folders. I realize that GDevelop dumps everything into a single folder on export, but for ease of development, it would be handy if GDevelop itself would have no problem with you nesting folders so you could organize each of the files. Again it doesn’t matter how GDevelop does the final export, this is purely for organization when making a game.

On a tangentially related sidenote: Make sure piskel and GDevelop, use the same filename. If I change the file name, on basically any sprite that uses the image gets “disconnected” to the actual image. So even if you go into the resource editor and change the name in there, it still won’t know where to find it, because evidently piskel itself has the old filename. Makes managing things a bit more tricky. Along with that, if I add an image to the folder externally, and then I edit it with piskel, sometimes it will make a copy with a modified filename, and sometimes it will just overwrite. Would prefer instead of “save” button, there would be “overwrite” or “save copy”. I don’t care if this is something that’s supposedly part of piskel, because the Dev’s who actually work on this stuff should know how to make two buttons that do one or the other so there’s no ambiguity as to how it’s going to save. If it’s the same filename and I hit Enter I expect it to overwrite. If I hit the overwrite button I expect it to also overwrite. If I hit the Save-a-copy - I expect it to save a copy with a modified filename. I also should be able to change what file i’m using for a sprite, rather than having to “delete” the image or images and then re-adding a new animation. If I make a mistake in the order I opened them in, or I simply changed the filenames to something more appropriate, I should be able to relink them to the new filenames.

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