Network features for Android?

Hi, getting the hang of GDevelop here and experience so far is pretty good, I was wondering if network features for Android will ever be implemented? (websockets or similar) this would be pretty neat for created games that are based on a central server etc. Also while I’m on the topic, why has the network features for native games been deprecated?


They have been deprecated because they are not well coded and efficient. :frowning:

Alright that’s understandable I guess. Is there any possible way I could develop a mobile/web game with networking features directly or am I going to have to setup a API and call it via a url?

For android i don’t know, but few people made some interesting things with client/server, using php/mysql for basic stuff (scores), or with node.js (there is topic in the french section about this… but not sure on how does it works or if it’s what you could need).