Never ending falling problem

Hi there community!

I have implemented this tutorial: … te_machine

For handling the platform character animations.

Then i create a plafortm object, but during my test my character (which starts in mid air) starts falling as it should be, but when collides with the plaform object, the falling animation never stop. (It should change to “Idle”).
I had check if i made some mistake, but i had follow the tutorial perfectly.
What i am doing wrong? I ask this coz i am a little bit confuse about all GD4 - GD5 change…the tutorials are a little mix up, and some menus/options look very different…
I am using GD5 by the way. :smiley:

The tutorial does need updating for GD5 but if you can zip your game directory and post it online somewhere and then add the link here I can help you, Zat :slight_smile: … IG2Sbd6_m6

Here is it.

I had a look at your game. The main issue is the gravity=0 inside the platformer behavior which prevents the player from falling at all. You should also check the names for the animations which not always match the name you are checking against in the event sheets.