New achievements and leaderboard GDevelop

I suggest adding new achievements and a GDevelop leaderboard.
I’ll try to explain in more detail.
New achievements:
Achievement for the first example in the GDevelop repository.
Achievement for a new extension in the GDevelop repository.
You can also add more achievements with more contributions.
Achievement for 500 thousand sessions and 1 million sessions in the last year.
Achievements for the number of unique users in GDevelop games, i.e. “number of players”, not “number of sessions”.
You can make achievements for publishing games on liluo.
There is also an idea to make reusable achievements, ie. posted one game on liluo - got an achievement, posted another one - the adder added + 1 to the number of identical achievements of this type.
You can also add more achievements that the community members will offer.
And now the fun part:
Add a GDevelop user leaderboard, for example, you can give “GDevelop points” for achievements, or just the number of achievements as it is now, and simply promote users on the leaderboard for the number of achievements or for GDevelop points.
In this way, new achievements will reward users for important contributions to GDevelop, and the leaderboard will give users the excitement of getting these achievements.
That’s all I wanted to say.