New action: clear keyboard buffer

Hi all!
It’s not of vital importance but i think it would be of interest to have an action to clear the keyboard buffer.
With this new action, we should be able to create by example a switch key as like that:
p key is pressed → Time scale = 0
The Time scale = 1 clear keyboard buffer

p key is pressed
The Time scale = 0 → Time scale = 1
clear keyboard buffer

What do you think of that?

Can you explain what buffer you mean and why you want to clear it ? :slight_smile:
Do you mean the clipboard? (presse-papiers)

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Clear the last keyboard entry, in my example the p key hit.
Do you now understand?

Yes Diana, can you only show me the part of this example which is about my problem? (not necessary to show the full game example)
Thanks by advance.

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Have you events to show me?

When you write “remove the last keyboard entry”, remove from what? and why? :sweat_smile:

If you want to make combos, go to examples and search “konami”.

The only keyboard “buffer” is in the text entry object, and you can manipulate and clear that with events.

There is no buffer for “key pressed” events, so you’ll need to explain in more detail what you’re looking to do.

That is the response to my question. Thanks!
And in Javascrit language, is there an instruction to do that?