New Ad SDK integrated into GDevelop - Huawei Ads

Hello everyone, I propose to add a new advertising SDK to GDevelop, namely Huawei Appgallery ads.
For the past year I’ve been looking for a cordova ad friendly replacement for Admob, but my search has always ended in failure, so many companies have removed support for cordova from their ad networks, I haven’t found a single working ad solution for cordova, until now.
I recently got acquainted with Huawei Appgallery, this is an application store similar to Google Play, there is a positive difference, this is that Huawei Appgallery does not require a single monetary contribution from developers, i.e. absolutely free.
I published my application on this market, and yes it is possible, updating the application is also not difficult, I can make pages on the wiki if someone supports me.
And so, how will the integration of this SDK help?
This will solve the problem of many GDevelop users, you can often see questions and requests to add new ads to GDevelop, as well as frequent problems with the admob itself, there are a lot of articles about blocking admob accounts for no reason, I also went through this and the most unpleasant, now my second the size of the application remains without monetization due to Google restrictions, the reason for which they never told me, it will also allow games made on GDevelop to move to a new market, maybe even Chinese, beginners (children) will no longer have to ask their parents for $ 25 for google play to generally try what it is, edition.
In about a month since the publication of my application in Huawei Appgallery, I received 10,000 downloads, not a lot, but not a little.
In any case, it will not be superfluous, if someone can help with this, please contact.
[Cordova Plugin-Ads Kit | HUAWEI Developers]


I think this is a cool idea. Sadly, all Huawei services and systems are banned in the US and Canada indefinitely since 2019, as is doing business with companies that partner or include Huawei technology or services for US residents or businesses.

My understanding is this would mean if GDevelop integrated their SDK, legally any US and Canada resident could not use it (without getting specific licenses from their respective governments) Technically they also couldn’t use GDevelop at that point either if they intended to make a commercial product unless GDevelop can vet those licenses, since it would be breaching active sanctions.

Do I think the governments would go after GD5? No. Do I think payment service providers might block US/CA residents from being able to pay for GDevelop accounts? Yes, because Stripe has blocked similar things in the past for other businesses.

Unity has a huawei api available, but they have an exception license and require people attempting to register the api (with a business or residence in US or CA) to have to provide that same type of government exception license too.

Not saying this shouldn’t be investigated, but it may require a lot more work than is feasible for an open source project.