New bitmap system

Bitmap font ideas
It would be nice to add/modify bitmap font so that sprite font can be loaded without .fnt file or change parameters and .fnt in runtime. Or use JSON for storage font data.

This could look like: Bitmap font>Load sprite font image

And in the parameters you need to write:
letter sizes,
letters used,
font color,
vertical and horizontal offset,
font size.

I think such a solution could save users who only have a ready-made image from trying to find a solution to create .fnt files in external programs, and focus on the font itself.


Also, such a solution would allow to get rid of the strict dependence on the .fnt file, where in fact all the font data is written, and how to change it and add new letters will be difficult.

Each font i convert from ttf to bitmap has NO proper alphabetical order
On top of that various characters occupy different space
So there is no general rule that each character will be 8x8
Some will be 6x8 some will be 8x5
You can look at this mess and even deduce padding is different for various characters

So for example : character won’t occupy same amount of space as @

So problems to solve with your idea
1 - SOMEONE needs to create proper tool to generate properly formated in alphabetical order text file out of tff or other format fonts
2 - If you would only need to specify 2 dimensions then all characters would ALWAYS need to be in same spot
For example if % would be in center then it would need to be in center of PNG file for every single font so if if ^ would be next to it padding for that character could be different
3 - SOMEONE would need to code in proper padding for each character on PNG atlas so like i said above ! character would have different padding than $ even so they are both determined as 8x8 characters
4 - Adding new characters for example if i would want to replace & with Ć which is my language special character would be only possible for characters that occupy same or higher space on that 8x8 dimension (where 8x8 is just example here)

Trust me i would wish to get rid of .FNT as much as you
But your idea brings more problems than it solves anything in my eyes
Yet i would really love your idea to be implemented so do not get me wrong