New features for premium assets store

Im thinking about making some assets for the store. I would prefer to push them for free, but i would easily accept some donations :sunglasses:

So : how about a “pay what you want” feature ? like on ?
This requires two possible price modes for artists:

  • pay what you want (no minimum): free for all, can be paid afterward as donation or right away
  • pay what you want (with minimum): not free, but can be paid more than asked, or donated afterward

Having a “price range” filter in the Asset Store filters
On Unity Asset Store there is also a checkbox for only showing free ones.
Scrolling down to reach the free part can be tedious.

I recommend that you can pay a maximum amount of price, since a random user can accidentally pay one million dollar for something, so limiting the assets to like max 100 dollar can be a great failsafe to prevent too big transactions.