New game "Spider Killer"

Spider Killer game is finishing :unamused: . I try optimise it more and better. You can download it here: … sp=sharing
Hope its work. It have installer, but i dont know where it create save and highscore files when use installer or work it at all, or have it more problems. resolution etc… Thanks! Hope you like it.

Would you mind sharing inside an archive instead of installer or at least make the installer do not require admin privileges?
Not that I don’t trust you but I don’t trust files coming from the “unknown” and require admin privileges to run :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks and sry. Here is new download link: … sp=sharing
Not installer . Zip file. Is this better?


I like the dark atmosphere of the game a lot but I can’t really tell I’m enjoyed running left and right to make sure I clear the space for the next drop of ammo :stuck_out_tongue:

You might want to consider to add barricades that I can place on the ground to slow the spiders down or explosives to kill 1 or two while I’m waiting for the next drop of ammo :laughing:

Nice game otherwise.

That explosion is nice idea:)

Interesting. :wink: I no play too much, but I like that graphic. My other ideas is can add trap like bear trap or land mine. :slight_smile: PS: Can you make “Option” under “Start Game” button?

Thanks, i can do that. Maybe its only need game help screen. Buttons, game idea etc…I try that you can collect bombs that you can throw. Hope not too easy then. I think two player or more mode is good idea too. Maybe two player can play same time and gamepad support. But it need lot more work and spiders :smiling_imp: . When i have time i try that and is there any lag then.