New gdevelop version seems to be way worse

the LOD (does not relate to 3d models, relates to images here) type issue i was talking about in another post
whenever i add an asset that is already in the project folder it asks me if i want to do it again
the autofill doesnt work for the tweens anymore so you cant choose which interpolation to use

why? what did you do…

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Tween doesn’t work for me either
or rather there is no list to select Easing

Waiting for the new version :laughing:

glad to know im not the only one having issues.

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Just to clarify here, GDevelop’s 2D renderer does not support mipmapping, so there is no variable LOD support in 2D images.

I’ve done a lot of testing since your last post in the other thread, and I’m not able to reproduce what you’re experiencing, so I can’t give you any guidance here other than it is specific to your setup in some way. (Not saying it couldn’t be a bug, but if it is it would be one you’re running into due to your specific setup, either your events, how you’re importing your assets, or something else)

For this one, this is expected unless you’re actively selecting it from the project folder and not elsewhere. If you’re selecting something from outside of the project folder, it will (and is intended to) ask you every time if you want to add it to the project folder.

I’ve confirmed that selecting an existing asset from within the project folder does not prompt nor duplicate the file:

This is the only actual bug I’m seeing on your original post, but it is fixed in the next release. In the interim you can look up the easing names here:

As GD5 is an open source project, if you ever want to see what fixes have been applied, you can go here:

Anything since the last “Bump to X.Y.ZZZ” update will be net new features/changes since the last release. These are the things that get added into the release notes once the version is out.

You can also see things that are still being worked on here: Pull requests · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

It prompts me to add it if its in the folder or not, even if im selecting something in it.